We know your industry, we understand your processes, we respond to your needs.

Coparm is one of the leading European companies in the design and construction of waste treatment plants, a unique reality for products, solutions and services in the field of ecology and recycling: machines and plants for the ‘packaging and waste treatment such as waste paper, corrugated cardboard,nylon foil, plastic containers for liquid, PET bottles, scraps of paper mill pulp, solid waste such as industrial and similar.

Coparm’s range of production

Our machines are especially designed for the needs of paper mills, corrugated cardboard factories, paper converting factories, hypermarkets, large and small recovery, landfills, reference stations, manufacturing plants, RDF  systems,  biostabilisation etc.

Coparm is a brand with over 30 years of history, an undisputed leadership and a global presence in more than 20 countries

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There are many systems installed and maintained in all parts of the world. We operate in the design, construction and maintenance of waste treatment plants with specific know-how and acknowledged experience in the field of new installations and industrial revamping both medium and large.

Unwavering commitment are the research and application of technologies that safeguard the environment and quality of life.
This aim has been achieved with a strong technical and financial involvement. Coparm’s products and services are a benchmark in the field of recycling and disposal of municipal solid waste.
A coordinated set of innovative, high quality machines and highly trained staff ensure energy efficient plant performance.

Coparm’s organization is able to provide “integrated” advice, products and services that can satisfy any need to “waste”, in Italy or in the world. We design and build waste treatment plants, recycling plants and machines for the treatment of waste as: shredders, grinders and mills for volume reduction and recycling of waste

Our machines are dedicated to:

  • platforms for recovery and waste selection
  • waste treatment plants
  • RDF manufacturing facilities
  • biostabilization plants
  • transfer stations
  • landfills
Company structure

The company structure is located at the registered office in modern offices and manufacturing plant located in the industrial area of Macchia Ferrandina (MT) – ITALY.

The structure is divided into:

N° 8 AGENTS located throughout ITALIAN TERRITORY





– Preparation of semi-finished products
– Sheet processing
– Construction of heavy carpentry
– Construction of facilities machines
– Welding
– Machining on machine tools

Mechanical assembly
Hydraulic assembly department
Electric Assembly department
Assembly and final testing
Installation service for clients


Coparm also offers technical advice on waste treatment plants and their management and profitability . Coparm also makes use of highly trained personnel and constantly updated on environmental management both in terms of operational and legal, that can readily solve all problems or suggest effective solutions.

Our benefits package includes, in addition to consulting, planning, installation and commissioning, including training and a structured maintenance service and customer service. For this you can always count on us, on our presence with you in times of need.

Your advantages: Design,construction, installation and after sales service, all from one company: fast, reliable and competent.

The values

Coherence, both internally and with the outside. Highest standards of professionalism and ethical conduct, respect and protection of the existing rules, the environment and people.

Constant effort to improve products, processes and services, understanding the customer and in helping him to reach the best goals.

An environment that encourages innovation, creativity and achievement of concrete results through interaction and exchange within groups, is indispensable prerequisite for achieving objectives successfully.

Consistent with its commitments, the responsibility for their actions and the consequences resulting therefrom. Passion for their work and ability to convey trust and expertise to customers, creating value and winning solutions.

Strongly oriented to sustainable and socially valid, the real opportunity to improve the quality of life. Honesty, pragmatism, transparency, both inside and outside the company, very strict in applying the law, great attention to the applicable rules are the principles governing the relations with the market.

Search for new solutions, ongoing support to the development of new technologies, economically competitive and consistent with the client’s needs are a priority. The goal is a qualified answer and constant need for safety of man and his assets, safeguard the cultural heritage of the community.

Capacity and markets

With competence, professionalism and wide range of products and services Coparm can meet the needs of any enterprise, public or private, anywhere.

And ‘able to design and build waste treatment plants and integrated systems for all types of location and geographical situation, taking account of any type of architecture, activity and nature of the waste to be treated.
Coparm also operates in specific risk areas, in complex situations, where e experience and familiarity with requirements are required , regulations and uncommon environments where not everyone is able to build plants with the necessary guarantees of quality, reliability and timeliness.

Coparm also acquired experience and familiarity necessary to apply the stricter regulations and is able to realize a complete and accurate documentation, in order to make the issues of installation and continued operation is simple and accessible.

Engineering Division

Our highly qualified technicians, engineers and builders, are constantly working to find innovative and efficient solutions to solve the most difficult situations and tasks. The engineering division of Coparm deals not only to study the appropriate solutions related to customer needs but also the pursuit of quality processes that have as primary objective the optimization of waste treatment and always ensuring compliance with the rules environment.

Fundamental to the achievement of this goal is to work closely with our customers and business partners who always push us toward greater commitments in designing and developing solutions and methods that need to marry and satisfy any type of treatment based recovery opportunities requests from the market.

At the same time, a great effort is devoted to the activities of support, service and maintenance to our customers, and therefore existing plants, all through an efficient system that allows us to deliver quality at reduced costs.

Support and maintenance

Coparm, your partner for a 360 ° maintenance checks, testing and periodic maintenance operations are essential for plants operating efficiently and ready for operation.

Coparm guarantees a global service, not limited to its products, which aims to answer all the needs of the customer. For each solution, product, system, a service that goes beyond the intervention on the equipment with fast response times, resolution of certain problems, unwavering commitment to the customer in compliance with all applicable laws and regulations.

The staff is highly qualified and engaged in a continuous evolution to ensure the best service with goals higher and higher.

After sales service throughout the complete life of the project from installation and throughout the period of use of the system, with guaranteed compatibility and availability of the products supplied.

Personalized service for specific needs.

Service on the national territory, with technical personnel specially trained and qualified. Thanks on field experience gained over time Coparm is able to offer a quality maintenance of high profile.

Operations and maintenance service are important, such as those related to the design and installation of new plants.

Proper maintenance protects the investment made.

Coparm is able to provide service and maintenance even if your waste treatment systems have been installed by Coparm.

Our aim is to offer a more and more experienced, professionally sound, effective and responsive to customer needs.

• After sales service throughout the full life of the project from installation

• Service for the entire period of use of the system by ensuring compatibility and availability of the products supplied

• Personalized service for specific needs

• Service reasonable cost, always refer to performance

• Service provided by personnel specially trained and qualified

• Service throughout the country thanks to the location of service centers located in major Italian cities
• Service speeds and repairs limited

• Service Training for Customers (conduction systems and notions of first responders)

Service calls and maintenance Coparm ensure that:

• the number of faults and the duration of the absence of service are minimized;

• high levels of performance of your installations are preserved;

• your investments are valued, ensuring a long life to your equipment;

• the customer has a quick response and qualified;

• a technical coverage of the entire national territory.

Scheduled Maintenance

In this regard Coparm runs a program of planned maintenance and intervention in case of operation of the systems supplied.

Coparm designs and builds waste treatment plants, recycling plants and equipment for waste treatment technologies and equipment for the treatment and disposal of waste, waste from presses to shredders, crushers by technology for disposal of waste electrical and electronic.

Installation and commissioning

Your satisfaction is our goal. For this we rely on employees undergoing training can assist in any situation. Even before the first hour of operation of our technical experts of the service will take on the task of installation and commissioning on site. In this way we can guarantee a machine adjustment and optimal components.

Our Services:



modifications and extensions

remote maintenance (Teleservice)

service performed by specialists at headquarters

Repairs Coparm guarantee investment

After many years of reliable service, certain components of machines and plants may show signs of wear. With our expertise we are ready to ensure your investment for a long time. We offer a look on the economy and on the possibilities and consequently improve the functional reliability and service life. All this directly to you, or in our plants.

Our Services:

reservation of the possibility of repair

economic evaluation personalized

overhaul of machine components

Constant technical developments

Your benefits:

increase in the duration of life

economic alternatives in the purchase of spare parts

reduction of dead times

Our Service: efficient, competent and fast

The problem lies in the system into the night?

It is also a public holiday? No problem, our competent employees of the Service sector are always available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

At our number to the service you contact always one of our technical experts, can solve almost any technical problem without loss of time, thanks to our huge warehouse of spare parts.

Spare parts warehouse

The company has a parts warehouse equipped for technical support and spare parts to customers for complete machining and emergency encrypted and kept in a warehouse of 600 square meters.


Coparm has inside of a modern technical structure to support your business involved mainly:


Not only the manufacturer but also service provider, Coparm devotes special attention to its products with a range of professional services that add to the quality and represent a distinct advantage for the end customer. It ranges from detailed advice under study and project, a wide availability of spare parts in stock, in an effective and timely service with the participation of technicians, the planning of maintenance cycles processed expeditiously to reduce minimizing downtime. In a modern industrial Coparm is aware that a serious relationship with the customer is built not only with high quality products but also with the reliability of the services that accompany them.

Design: from the single machine to the “turnkey”

Many years of experience and a technical staff of first class make Coparm one of the market leaders in the design and production of machinery and equipment from the advanced features and proven reliability.

We listen to you
Provide professional advice to the industry is a commitment to which Coparm not relinquish. For this the company has focused in offering professional advice to enable, as appropriate, to identify the most effective and affordable. Not only the manufacturer, then, but a real partner of the customer who will made a machine or system “tailored” to your needs.

After-sales service
Complementing its products, Coparm alongside a comprehensive after-sales service performed in a professional and tight schedules.

Spare parts warehouse and service department and maintenance
Ensuring customer at every opportunity, maximum uptime is an essential principle that is expressed in the wide availability of spare parts in stock, stated maintenance scheduled in downtime kept to the minimum, in the assistance “on site” in insured ‘period of twenty-four hours through mobile workshops, in a staff of skilled technicians and a system which allows remote maintenance via modem to operate in real-time for
fast resolution of problems.
Services 360 °
The seriousness of a company is recognized by the quality of its products but also with services in which it can integrate them.
Coparm devotes much attention to the service that is developed at 360 °. A team of technicians is ready adi support you in all circumstances with timely and effective solutions: through online up to the direct and timely.

All services
A service consists of highly specialized engineers ensures a meticulous after-sales service to ensure not only the quality of our machines but also the tranquility of your work.

Technical assistance in the factory and on-site at the customer.
Planned maintenance service.
Original spare parts for maximum quality.
First Aid (24-48 hours) in case of sudden stops.
Refurbishing and shredders DOHC (change shafts, replacement blades, etc.).
Sharpening blades.
Maintenance and updating of the management software of the machines.
Retrofit of installations for the treatment of refrigerators.
Ordinary and extraordinary maintenance of installations for the treatment of rubber and plastic.
Sale service used overhauled.

Shredding, screening, refining, transporting, storing, providing equipment for waste treatment: this is our mission. For every client request an appropriate response and convenient, from the provision of a single machine to the industrial large-scale.