For any type of mechanical transportation we offer  specific technical solution, suited for your needs and for specific local conditions.

Our range of waste conveyors offer numerous modular equipment for the transport of bulk material or sorted material , in different areas of application of the manufacturing of raw materials and waste treatment. Designed to withstand time and specific for  all the heavy work that will be submitted to. All parts are bolted and  interchangeable.

Transport systems at the best value.

  • Conveyors

  • Chain conveyors

  • Belt conveyors tubular

  • Vibranting conveyors

  • Mobile plans for push-pull

  • Screw conveyors

  • Load cantainers

  • Vertical conveyors for silos loading

Our conveyor belts flat and concave are built with a modular structure. They can be assembled easily according to the requirements and be modified later to be adapted to new situations Our customers particularly appreciate the flexibility allowed by the elements. Even in case of confined spaces conveyors  can be assembled on site in areas of difficult accessibility.

Range of Coparm conveyors