Rotating trommels and ballistic separators

We offer different techniques and screening systems to separate material. Thanks to our innovative technology we can also effect the removal of coarse parts. The screening devices are integrated in the transport path to have a filtering on the actual shortest path.
Screening plants for the separation of RSU, RSA, wood and plastic.

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Coparm ballistic separators

ballistic separators

Our SEPARATORS are available with different sizes of opening to allow the sieving of any type of recyclable material, or residual, and its conveyance by the belt conveyor for further processing.

Entirely designed and manufactured in our plants, designed for use even very intensive, they are made with the highest quality components which allow a drastic reduction of maintenance. All Coparm SEPARATORS are the result of many years of experience and the result of design with the best technology.

Great efficiency and performance, very low fuel consumption, in addition to a very sturdy, are the design features of screeners Coparm. The use of special steels for the blades guarantees particularly long life cycles, with considerable savings on spare PARTS

The ballistic separator consists of a set of six paddles rotating offset against each other. The angle of the complete set of paddles can be adjusted manually (hydraulically). With the adjustment of the inclination of the paddle surface the ballistic separator can be adapted to suit the incoming material.

The greater the angle of inclination of the screen surface the more the material will fall into the rolling
fraction and the cleaner the flat fraction is and vice versa.

Multi-stage systems
The areas of application of the ballistic separator are very variable with quick and easy integration into a wide variety of large and small plants.

By combining several screen surfaces above or behind each other, the ballistic separator can cope with a wide variety of challenges. Higher material throughputs and exact degrees of separation can be easily achieved with multi-stage systems.
Depending on requirements, various material flows can be produced.

Various screen size
Further fractions can be screened in various grain sizes according to customer’s requirements. Organic
material in domestic waste is separated by the oscillating movement and is screened off through the
paddle perforations.