The Shredder Mod. TR 100 is a machine of medium-large capacity in suitable counter-rotating blades suitable for the treatment of large amount of waste equivalent and bulky. It ‘a versatile machine because it can also be used for the grinding of solid urban waste.
It have a big grinding chamber that along with the power applied to the pairs and built make it a machine able to meet the most disparate needs including the shredding of tires.

Technical features

  • Size grinding chamber: 1110 x 1500 mm

  • Shafts: N° 2

  • Feed hopper: 4 mc

  • Shafts rotation speed: 18-12 RPM

  • Blade thickness: 75 mm

  • Power: 110 kW

  • Production iron drums: 50-60 pezzi/h

  • Plastic: 7 -10 ton/h

  • Tires: 4-7 ton/h

  • Industrial waste: 4-8 ton/h


  • RSU WMUi

  • Recycling

Coparm shredders range