Coparm designs and builds single-stage and double stage ballistic separators. These separators are placed upstream of sorting plants and allow you to make the separation of the treated materials by exploiting the different physical properties which they own. They have the function of separating the feed stream into three streams based on the technological principle according to which the separation of the individual parts placed in a current of fall takes place according to the different flight curves.

The fed material falls on an inclined bottom and rotating, by the rotational movement, transmits a pulse and generates a movement of flight contrary of the individual parts; at this stage the individual parts behave differently; light fractions (flat and thin), such as paper, cardboard medium sized, plastic film, textiles and so on, are thrown upwards along the trajectories flat and low and transported by the rotary movement of the base towards the top of machine, in the direction of the upper hopper arranged to light fractions; heavy fractions (cubic – solid) are thrown upwards by the movement of the bottom and flow from the inclined position of the same in a position of flight directed downwards of the machine where is located the discharge hopper.

This screening process therefore generates three fractions: the fraction sieved, the light fraction and the heavy fraction which are then conveyed to the subsequent steps of the selection process

Technical features single-stage

  • Maximum length: 6.000 mm

  • Maximum width: 2.210 mm

  • Maximum height: 2.570 mm

  • Number shovels stage: 6 unità

  • Dimensions of holes in screening stage: 50 x 50 mm

  • Inclination plane screening stage: 0 – 10 degrees

  • Number of engines: 1 unità

  • Installed power: 1 x 7,5 kW = 7,5 kW

  • Frequency variation: inverter

Technical features double-stage

  • Maximum length dimensions: 9.280 mm

  • Maximum width dimensions: 2.600 mm

  • Maximum height dimensions: 2.650 mm

  • Number blades first stage: 6 unità

  • Number shovels second stage: 6 unità

  • Length blades first and second stage: 4.000 mm

  • Width blades first and second stage: 350 mm

  • Screening decks: 50 x 50 mm

  • Inclination screening decks: 0 – 15 gradi

  • Number of engines: 2 unità

  • Installed power: 15 Kw (N° 2 x 7,5 Kw/cad.)

  • Frequency variation: In the middle inverter



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